Update: Browser Extension for SpyOFF VPN now available

VPN connection directly from your browser? The SpyOFF Browser Extension is now available!

Our browser extensions for Chrome is ready to download. Now you can use your SpyOFF account from the comfort of your own browser. Find out everything about the possibilities this extension has to offer!

What is a browser extension?

A browser extension is a small software application that extends the functionalities of a web browser. Also called a plug-in, a browser extension is typically used to add features and enhance the functionality of a website or your entire browser. In this case, the extension moves the security and privacy features of SpyOFF VPN directly into your Chrome browser.

The brand-new SpyOFF extension

The best part is that the extension is completely free to use. You only need a running subscription with SpyOFF and you’re good to go. The setup is quick and it works effortlessly with the SpyOFF VPN app for Windows and Mac. Simply download the extension for Chrome and you are ready to go.

SpyOFF browser icon

From now on, it’s even easier and more comfortable to see whether you’re connected to your VPN or not! With the extension, a small SpyOFF icon will be added to your browser. This icon will change colour depending on your current VPN status. When you’re connected, the icon will be green. This means you’re able to see your VPN status directly in your browser with a simple glance at the browser icon at any given time!

One click to connect

You know how it goes: you open your browser to watch a video or movie your friend recommended, only to realize that it’s no longer available! So you have to close the browser, open the SpyOFF application from your desktop, go back to your browser, and search again. With this extension, you can connect to your VPN with a single click from the comfort of your browser! Simply use the SpyOFF icon in your browser and you’ll be connected.

Easily change your location

Changing your location has never been easier! Without closing a single tab, just click on the SpyOFF browser icon, choose your next destination, and continue to browse the Internet.

Free Chrome Download

We’re constantly looking for ways to make your experience as easy, quick, and effortless as possible. The extension takes no time to install and makes anonymous and secure surfing on the Internet easier and more comfortable than ever before. If you have any further questions, our support team is happy to help you out. Simply write us at info@spyoff.com and we’ll work to resolve your issue!

Don’t miss out on upcoming features, updates, and technical insights – and stay tuned to the SpyOFF blog.

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