The NEW SpyOFF client is available! Get the update now!

The new SpyOff VPN client, version 2.0.0, is here and full of many new features and improvements. Our goal in developing the new Windows client was to make using our VPN as clear and simple as possible. In the following article, we’ve summarized all these improvements:

A brand new VPN interface

The SpyOFF interface has been completely revised and adapted to our users’ needs. With this update, it’s now possible to connect to our VPN with just one click. Once connected, the client will appear green; if you’re not connected to any of our servers, it will appear red. A small click on the Start / Stop button in the middle is all it takes to surf anonymously and completely unlock the Internet.





New server list

SpyOFF VPNSpyOFF VPN Simple server selection:

You can now easily change your server by clicking on “Select location.” Here you can search and select the desired country under the search bar. The client automatically chooses the best and fastest server for you

Quick access to your most frequently used servers:

Under the “Recent Locations” tab, you can quickly and easily access the servers you use most.

Smart connection with “Smart Location”:

With the “Smart Location” feature, you can connect to the server that provides you the best performance and speed.




Access to numerous security features:

With just one click on Settings, the new SpyOFF client gives you access to various security tests to protect your onne privacy as much as possible.

DNS leak test

A DNS leak can be used by users who are more focused on anonymity and privacy. Such a leak can lead to major site complications and restrictions, and even to recording your online activity. A DNS leak can lead to your real IP address being discovered, which can severely compromise security and anonymity for you as a user.

Find out more about this topic here.

WebRTC leak test

Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) enables real-time communication in the browser with Javascript APIs without the need for additional software. This technology is being promoted as an open-source framework by Google, Mozilla, and Opera, and serves as a secure communication infrastructure for voice calls and video chat over web applications. WebRTC synchronizes the connection between all endpoints.

Generally speaking, this is an important tool, but when using it, a user’s privacy can be greatly compromised: VPN service can be greatly diminished if the location and true identity of a user is discovered despite the user of a VPN service. All it takes to find out a user’s actual IP address is a simple script deployed on a webpage.

Find out more about this topic here.


What is my IP?

If you click on the option “What is my IP?” you can check your current location and see if you’re connected to SpyOFF.

Individual settings

You now have the option to customize your settings according to your needs. Here is a brief overview of the advanced settings:

SpyOFF VPN for anonymous surfing
SpyOFF VPN Service



General Settings

  • Start SpyOFF with Windows
  • Auto-connect on application start
  • Show disconnect confirmation
  • Language selection

VPN protocol

  • If the connection gets lost
    • Do nothing
    • Activate Killswitch
    • Reconnect automatically
  • Reconnect retries
  • Select a VPN protocol
  • Connection timeout


  • Show Tooltips
  • Enhanced DNS leak protection
  • Help us improve SpyOFF (share crash reports, etc.)
  • Set log level/li>


You can get help and have access to log files here:

Get the new SpyOFF client

If you’re not yet using the new SpyOFF client, you can download it via the following link: